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Rising to international prominence with a new look


Alumo, manufacturer of the finest shirt fabrics for world-renowned bespoke tailors and garment makers, has been practising the art of weaving in Appenzell for 100 years. Small-scale manufacturing has become a rarity in a world of mass production, but it also fills a niche in the internationally competitive market. Together with other BLC specialists, Calydo has strategically refined the traditional factory's brand and translated it into a contemporary website and visual language that optimally conveys the quality of the brand.

Creating a contemporary brand image for international appeal

By using the quartz symbol from the brand story, which perfectly embodies Swiss heritage and its quality standard, the great appeal of this rare luxury brand is felt at all touchpoints and throughout the entire customer journey; from the website to fabric samples and PoS documents.

Strengthening the brand experience throughout the entire customer journey

The website and its content are prepared for the international B2B customers in a way suited to the target group in question, meaning that there is also a Chinese version, among others. The digital presence conveys quality and "Swissness" and, with its focus on storytelling and the brand story, extends far beyond the product itself. The image-based visual look comprises landscape images as well as product and production images that create a sense of mystery and are highly aesthetic. To obtain this emotional imagery, we organised photoshoots on site and produced detailed photographs.

Tangible quality at digital and tactile touchpoints

Alumo has become much more visible as a brand thanks to the holistic support of the BLC. The values and products can be experienced in more detail. The exclusivity and long history of the brand are supported by visual elegance, clear structure and intuitive user guidance.

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