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Strategic Real Estate Marketing

Our desire to build trust and the credibility that comes with it is our daily driving force when working with our clients. Because we know that it takes intelligent communication solutions and relevant messages to reach customers throughout the customer journey and strengthen their trust in your brand.

In today's world, shaped by digital progress, where face-to-face customer contact often happens downstream, the rules of the game for how companies build trust are changing. Getting users to strike up a dialogue with companies and actively engage with the brand in question through this exchange requires the creation of ever-surprising, positive experiences. One way to achieve this is by harnessing technological capabilities in a targeted way to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Digital maximalism

A successful example of how a company can surprise customers with an exceptional customer experience is the Schäferhöhe real estate project in Zollikofen. From the very beginning, Marti Gesamtleistungen has consistently taken the digital route in its marketing. The main point of contact for future tenants was therefore exclusively the project website. By visiting the website they could find out all about the project, view the apartments virtually and even apply for their dream home online.

The key element and stand-out feature of the marketing communications was a sheep avatar that functioned as a digital mascot and presented the project at all touchpoints in short film sequences. However, to ensure that this had the desired effect and piqued the interest of people looking for housing, fundamental questions first had to be answered: What is the avatar? A human being? An animal? A mythical creature? What is the avatar's role with respect to Marti and the Schäferhöhe project? Is it meant to inform or entertain, or both? On which channels is it used? And to what end? Should the sheep behave like a sheep or like a human being? Related to this is the question: can the sheep speak or just bleat?

Eine weitere Besonderheit war die Möglichkeit der virtuellen Besichtigung der Wohnungen über ein interaktives 3D-Modell – in dieser Form ein Novum in der Schweizer Immobilienvermarktung – und der ausschliesslich digitale Bewerbungsprozess

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