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Brand as a means of achieving success in real estate

Strategic Real Estate Marketing

In the real estate sector, the topic of brand is often still not treated with the respect it deserves. But the brand is more than just a prominent logo. If it is placed at the centre of marketing efforts and communications and combined with an agile focus on relevant customer needs, the marketing of real estate can be made considerably more efficient and successful.

The sector has been spoiled for a long time. Real estate was a safe business, and architectural firms were mainly commissioned to implement yield-driven development programmes, resulting in the construction of yet more of the same cost-optimised 08/15 architecture. Lately, it appears as though the tide is beginning to turn. Demand for residential property remains high in urban areas, but outside of these, increasingly higher vacancy rates are being recorded.

Attracting attention and conveying trust with the brand

We believe that it is essential to align oneself with the principles of brand-orientated action. Real estate is successful when one can create intelligent real estate offers designed to meet the individual needs of the users and to place them on the market wisely. Apartments in particular have to be quickly marketed in an appealing way. Due to the fact that, in most cases, nothing has been built yet that can be promoted, the expected experience has to be staged. Here, one factor for success lies in showing what it would be like to live in the property, thus attracting attention and creating desire, while at the same time conveying trust and security to prospective buyers.

Best practice: Marketing of the Aglaya garden high-rise

One example is the Aglaya garden high-rise building in Risch-Rotkreuz on the car-free Suurstoffi site. The word "garden high-rise" was coined as part of the brand claim, a term that had not previously been used often in the real estate sector, but which immediately calls to mind an image. The term was then combined with the melodious brand name "Aglaya", derived from a butterfly species that is also set to be among the building's residents in future. On this basis, all building blocks were aligned with each other: name and appearance, messages and content, marketing strategy and tools – right down to the location of the sale, which in Aglaya's case was a carefully designed showroom. The result was an authentic and appealing brand experience, through which the property gained value and relevance among the target group that extended far beyond its location, net floor space and residential comfort. The brand experience was created and designed consistently across all channels.

Generating leads with agile, data-based methods

At Aglaya, the targeted acquisition of interested parties was based on the systematic measurement of the digital channels used (website, SEO, Google Ads & Analytics, Homegate). This allowed for continuous learning during the ongoing marketing and for both communication and budgets to be critically reviewed based on the data-based findings. Thanks to this agility, budgets could be optimally allocated. This generated not only more leads, but also better ones.

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